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High strength CBD oil

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Handcrafted in Hong Kong, Flow CBD oils combine seasonal botanical blends with CBD from the USA. Perfect for experienced CBD users or value driven customers.

How To Use

As a general guide, we suggest 0.5mg of CBD per kg in weight (so a 60kg person would have 30mg of CBD) as needed up to a maximum of six times daily. That said, everyone reacts to CBD differently, so you should find the serving that works best for you.


MCT oil, CBD isolate, organic botanical blend (peppermint, wild orange)

CBD Strength

Total CBD: 3000mg
Total ml or g: 30ml
CBD per ml: 10mg
% of CBD: -
Recommended dose: 0.5ml (for a person weight 50kg)
CBD per dose: 25mg
Total doses: 60
Price per mg: HK$0.56


This product has no THC and is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases.

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