Way back in 2012, couple of guys set up a small spirits and drinks distribution company in Hong Kong. As the world’s tastes changed, so did the range of products they imported, and by 2018 there were a number of health and wellness drinks brands in their portfolio.

Fast Forward to 2020, and the guys couldn’t ignore the CBD trend emerging. From California to London, CBD was becoming a big part of people’s health and wellness routines ­­­­- in beverage formats, but also in a huge range of other formats such as beauty and spa products.


After identifying the first CBD brand they wanted to import, the drinks guys quickly realised there wasn’t a clear and simple place for Hong Kong based customers to buy a full range of CBD products. They knew there were already some really good stores to buy liquor, but shouldn’t there also be something for CBD?

And so began the journey to build out a comprehensive online store, which would only list the highest quality CBD brands and products. It would be 100% compliant with Hong Kong law, which meant choosing to work with brands that could guarantee 0% THC, and that had the certifications to prove it.


CBD has become a way of life for the drinks guys, with Simon giving drops to his 9 year old dog every day to alleviate arthritis symptoms, and Dan putting drops in his protein shakes to aid recovery from his workouts. Through HKCBD STORE, they look forward to helping many more people find balance, either in their own lives or the lives of their loved ones.